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              Welcome To HONGDA MACHINERY CO.,LTD!

                About Us

                COMPANY PROFILE

                Foshan Hongda Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional glass deep-processing equipment manufacturer.The company set R&D,production,sales in one,has a group of more than 10 years of high quality professional managment person.We have a professional design team to provide the most suitable solution for each customer.We use the most advanced technology and strict accordance with ISO9000 production system for unremitting efforts of the manufacture of high quality and deep processing equipment.


                Products Center








                Technical & Quality

                • With advanced and innovative technology

                  The company set the development, production and sales integration, has a group of more than 10 years of experience in high-quality professional management staff.

                  Hongda Company has at home and abroad, opened the broad market

                • Mechanical quality of the strict control is the quality of a good guarantee

                  The use of high-quality materials, through the multiple national certification, the quality of strict checks to create your own glass deep-processing equipment

                  Made of high quality material, through national multiple validation, quality strict checks

                INDUSTRY NEWS

                How many kinds of glass furnit…

                how many kind of furniture glass of edge grinding machine process?Most of the furniture  glass is made of flat glass,and stra...


                Add:Keji East Road, Lunjiao Industrial Zone, Lunjiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China
                Phone:0086-757-26151870 Fax:0086-757-27727769  

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