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              How many kinds of glass furniture function of glass edge grinding processing
              發布者: HONGDA MACHINERY CO.,LTD   Time:2016-9-8 17:05:21

              how many kind of furniture glass of edge grinding machine process?Most of the furniture  glass is made of flat glass,and straight edge machine, beveling machine, round edge machine, bilateral machine, profiled glass edge machine are all necessary to process flat glass. These machines are key factors affecting the quality of the product.In most cases,a duck-mouth or around-edge furniture-using glass is processed by round-edge machine or shape machine. And now, The emergence of the double round machine And high-precision glass beveling machine Greatly improving the efficiency and quality of furniture glass processing.
              What is glass furniture? Furniture with glass can be called glass furniture. Furniture made of glass which is processed by a glass machine is also glass furniture. Such as the dresser,coffee table, bookshelves, tables, decorative counters,filing cabinets and so on.Glass decorates the furniture.Consumers should better choose toughened glass in the choice of glass furniture, because of its load-bearing,impact resistance is 10 times of the ordinary glass, and heat-resistant hot, no sharp corners of the debris and protect people from scratching,generally,toughened glass  is processed in certain shapes in the glass machinery factory before the Steel processing.

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